How are Animals Getting into My Attic?

Scurries and bites, messes and destruction; there is only one cause – an animal in your attic. It has become a hassle for you, racking up the bill in repairs and goods. Even if you get rid of the animals, they keep coming back. It seems like your attic is destined to have an animal living in it, but is that really the truth or is there a simpler explanation? Knowing how animals get into the attic can help you keep them out. By taking measures to keep them out, you will not have to go about removing them. The “how” does change from person to person, but there is always a reason and a solution.

Knowing How
Learning how these animals get into your property is not impossible. However, it may take some effort, crawling, and thorough looking. Again, the “how” changes from person to person and house to house. Animals do not get into attics the same way every time; there is not some built-in flaw in houses that animals abuse for their own needs. Typically, there is damage somewhere that creates an access point. That damage may be small and hard to find, or it may be massive.

A good way to find the access point is to try to track the animals’ activity. Try to track them from the outside going in, or track them leaving the property. This will give you an idea of where the damage is.

Not all access points are damage, though. While houses do not have built-in flaws to allow animals access, some do have large access points. If you know that some part of your home has a large enough access point for animals to pass through, you will want to close it off. Animals can, and will, take advantage of this if they find it.

Stopping Access

Once you know the access point, you can stop reentry to the property. After getting the animal or animals out, block off the point of entry. Animals will have no choice but to leave if they cannot reenter. Do make sure to look in the attic thoroughly to check for anything leftover, especially the animals’ young. You want to leave them no reason to return to your property.

If you have trouble with any of this, you can speak with a professional. Professional services can quickly and efficiently find and block off the entry points to your attic.

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