What Kind of Damage Can Animals Cause in an Attic?

An animal in the attic causes noise and inconveniences, sure, but what about damage? What kind of damage can an animal in the attic cause? Some people are unsure of this and do not realize the amount of damage animals can cause up there. In reality, the potential damage and risks posed by animals in attic are immense. They can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, or force you out of your home due to severe damage. Understanding what they can do is the first step in taking appropriate action to remove them and to find an effective solution to repair the mess they caused.

Insulation, Wires, and Structure
In the attic, you will have insulation, wiring, and various pieces of structure. For most attics, that is all that is up there. Damaging any of these things can have consequences. Expensive consequences.

Torn up insulation is one of the most common problems in this situation. Animals will go up there and nest, tear things apart, and make it all their own. The insulation will end up in pieces due to this, requiring new insulation in its place. Insulation can be costly, especially when you have to replace it throughout the entire attic.

Many animals are also likely to chew up wiring in the attic. Any wiring that goes through the attic will attract their attention, and they will probably begin chewing at them. Chewed wires will not work properly and will increase the risk of electrical problems, potentially stopping functionality of something or causing a fire.

When the animals are causing destruction in the attic, they will likely get to the structure of the property. Destruction of the structure can become a serious hazard in the property. A damaged structure is not as safe or stable, and may lead to collapse or extensive damage over time. Repairing such damage can cost thousands upon thousands of dollars, and goes up the longer the damage continues and sits.

To Your Home

It is not just the basic structure and areas of the attic at risk; the rest of your home and life are, too. If you keep anything in the attic, the animals will destroy and go through it. If there is any way for the animal to access your home, they will. They are a danger to you and the entirety of your home, causing significant and widespread damage. If they get into the house, there is no saying the destruction they may cause.

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