How to Trap Raccoons

Raccoons are obnoxious creatures that can wreak havoc throughout your home, your property, and your life. Not only are they horrendous critters when they’re romping around, but they continue to plague you from the afterlife. Their corpses are the worse, and they end up attracting other animals—including more raccoons—to your home. The entire situation is just contemptable, and you deserve the opportunity to prevent such a dismal calamity from becoming your future. Though the best way to keep yourself safe from the woes of raccoon infestations is to take preventative action through eliminating potential food sources and boarding up prospective entryways, it can sometimes be too little too late. You need to know what to do if a raccoon has already begun terrorizing your home. The secret is to trap them and release them several miles away, but how do you go about trapping a raccoon successfully?

Raccoon Trapping 101: Buy The Right Cage
When it comes to critters that could potentially infest your home, raccoons are actually on the bigger side. That means you have to get an appropriately sized cage for them, otherwise you’ll end up with more problems than you started with. Raccoons can get up to 30 pounds, so you need to make sure your cage is capable of supporting that weight. In addition, raccoons are terribly witty and maniacal creatures with opposable paws, so that cage needs to be rather complicated. If it’s not, that pesky critter will be back out before you can blink. That defeats the entire point of investing in a trap in the first place.

Raccoon Trapping 101: Orient Your Bait
Raccoons are liable to eat virtually anything they can get their grubby little paws on, but the bait you select for your trap needs to be appropriate. If, for example, you realize that the raccoon likes wet cat food, then you might be able to lure it in there, but you might also end up with the neighbor’s favorite furry friend in the trap. You need to get food that is unmistakably raccoon-oriented, and to do that, you have to research the food favorites of this contemptable little creature. Raccoons are privy to different foods depending on your location and their dietary habits, so be sure to include your region in the search. That way, you can be sure your trap will work perfectly on the unsuspecting hellion.

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