How to Get Raccoons Out of the Attic

Raccoons bring about damage and dangers whenever they find their way into your home. When you have raccoons in the attic, the risks to your property go up. They can tear apart insulation and the structure, and potentially get into the rest of your home. Getting them out is essential – and there are a few ways to do this. There are some safe and effective methods that you can try right now that have a high success rate. Moving forward with these solutions right away can get the raccoons out with very little hassle. These solutions are easy to implement and work.

Trap Cages
One of the most common method of removing animals from a property is trap cages. They are safe, simple, humane, and effective. You set up a trap cage around an area you know the animal frequents, leave food inside, and check often, roughly twice a day. Usually, the animal will go into the trap to eat the food, which will trap it inside.

To remove a trapped raccoon, take it a few miles from your house and release it somewhere safe. Trap cages are safe for everyone and work well. When you have the raccoon somewhere safe, it will run away and is unlikely to return to your property. You can then close up any reentry points to make sure the raccoon does not come back.

Exclusion Devices
You do not have to trap the animal at all. If you would prefer to get the animal out of the attic and forget about it, you can use exclusion devices. This gives the animal access to outside of the property, but does not allow reentry. If you remove sources of food from the attic and force the raccoon out, by using food and making the attic inhabitable, it will leave. With the exclusion device in place, the raccoon cannot reenter and will have to move on from your property.

Professional Services
The best way to ensure a complete and safe removal is to have a professional do it. Professional services will typically use the two above methods or take out the raccoon by hand. With their knowledge, skills, and experience, professionals can give you the trusted and reliable results that you expect.

Professionals can also help you to close up any points of entry to lower the chance of an animal returning or of any animals entering the property in the future.

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