How to Get Squirrels Out of the Attic

If you have never had to deal with the struggle of squirrels infesting your attic, then you are one of the lucky few throughout America. The majority of citizens throughout the United States have had to experience the grueling task of getting rid of these tiny monsters, but that does not make the first time dealing with such a conundrum any easier. The thing is, you will definitely want to take care of the problem sooner rather than later. You see, the longer you postpone dealing with this unfortunate circumstance, the more likely it is that these creatures will die. While that might sound appealing at first glance, the truth is, nothing is more frustrating and challenging than trying to find squirrel corpses inside of your walls. So, how do you get those pesky rodents out of your attic as soon as possible?

Repellents vs. Poisons
Many people would suggest using natural repellants to encourage the departure of the animals. Coyote urine is a popular seller in quite a few different home stores, but at the end of the day, how likely do you think the squirrel is to believe there’s an invisible coyote they’ve never encountered suddenly peeing in their new home? Not an incredibly believable circumstance, even for squirrels. On the other hand, poisons are discouraged as well. They are inhumane, of course, but beyond that, they’re inconvenient. Poisons don’t kill anything instantly, and because of this, these squirrels are going to go crawl into hidden spaces in order to die peacefully. You’ll be stuck in the same problem you would’ve faced if you had just left them alone.

Trapping vs. Scaring
Squirrels seem like rather skittish creatures. For the most part, they avoid humans like the plague, preferring to mind their own business. When they move into your attic, however, this situation is no longer the appropriate rule of thumb. No matter what kind of tactics you implement, the fear you induce is only temporary, and it certainly won’t be strong enough to repel them entirely. They’ll come crawling back, yearning for the security of their newfound home. Trapping is the only way to ensure these critters will never be able to bother you again, but it is certainly a complicated and time-consuming way of handling the situation. You have to invest in the appropriate trapping equipment, and you have to be able to relocate the animals in a legal way.

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