How to Clean Wild Animal Waste in Your Attic

Before You Start Cleaning Your Attic
When your home and attic is invaded by wildlife animals, the first two things you should do about that big problem is to inspect your home for entry holes and to remove the wild animals.

When wild animals invade people’s attics and homes, they not only make a lot of damage to the object, but they also leave their waste which is, in most cases, dangerous to the human health. This is why people should get rid of wild animal waste in their attic as soon as possible.

You’ll Find All Types of Waste
Don’t be surprised to find all types of wild animal waste in your attic or home once you get rid of wild animals. Wild animals do everything they do in the wild in places which they have invaded. This includes leaving their droppings.

Once you get rid of wild animals in your attic, you will find all kinds of waste, including wild animal body hair, pee stains, wild animal poop, food debris, parasites, and even nesting materials. More precisely, rats leave germs in places they invaded, squirrels fill people’s attics with poop, opossums leave bio-hazardous droppings, birds and bats leave droppings which can cause a disease called histoplasmosis.

Other Reasons to Remove Animal Waste in Your Attic
Besides the animal waste in your attic is dangerous for your health, it also has a strong smell that can attract other wildlife speciest to your attic. This is also an important reason why you should remove the animal waste from your attic as soon as possible.

The wild animal waste left behind animals which invaded your attic contains special pheromones people can’t sense but other animals can. Now, these pheromones will attract new animals to your attic if you don’t get rid of animal waste in your attic the same moment you remove animals from your attic.

You Need to Wear Special Equipment While Removing Animal Waste
When you decide to remove animal waste from your attic, you just can’t appear in your attic ready to remove the waste in a T-shirt and jeans. You will need to wear special safety equipment while removing animal waste in your attic, just like professional wildlife removers wear.

We recommend you to buy PPE safety suit and equipment before you start removing the waste. You should wear such equipment to avoid contamination through breathing in animal waste and through the skin.

How to Clean Animal Waste in Your Attic
Now, we will provide you with steps how to clean animal waste in your attic by yourself:

• Remove small wild animal droppings with a vacuum cleaner.
• Hand-pick all large turds you find.
• Remove every single piece of food debris and nesting material.
• Remove insulation that is heavily soiled and replace it.
• Sanitize your attic with antimicrobial sprays such as Bac-Azap and BioShield.
• Deodorize your attic with a kill stain based on latex.

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How to Clean Wild Animal Waste in Your Attic