How to Inspect Your House to Find Wild Animal Entry Holes, how to repair holes

Wild Animals Affect the Quality of Life
Wild animals are a true nuisance that can affect people’s properties. When these animals invade a domestic property, they can affect the quality of life of property’s inhabitants and they can put their health in danger.

One of the most important steps in dealing with the wild animals problem at your property is to find out how did they invaded it first place. Most likely, the wild animals which are living in your home entered it through some subtle entry points. In this article, we will teach you how to find such entry points and how to deal with them.

Home Inspection and Repairs
The wild animals which invaded your home must have entered it somehow, most likely through subtle entry points in your home. Now, your job should be to thoroughly inspect your home for such holes.

You should check every aspect of your home, from the ground level gaps to chimneys. Every wild animal enters through entry points differently. Raccoons enter through large holes or they make one. Squirrels usually chew on building materials, make a hole, and enter through it. Rats and mice are able to enter through very subtle holes. When you find such entry points, you should immediately seal them up with a steel mesh. This will prevent further wildlife invasions.

Common Entry Points Within The Home
The first place you should look out for wildlife animal entry points is a place where you hear strange sounds coming from. If it is the roof, go to your roof, and check out for animal entry points.

Now, we will present you a list of the most common animal entry points within the home:

• Damaged Vents and Soffits in the Roof
• Uncovered Chimney
• Damaged Masonry in the Walls
• Loose Roof Tiles
• Plumbing Stacks
• Places Where Soffits and Dormers Meet
Inspecting The Attic For Animal Entry Holes

The truth about finding animal entry points in your attic is that it is tough to find them. Also, to find animal entry points in your attic, you will have to be very flexible.

The wild animals that invaded your attic can enter through openings the size of a quarter, so you will need to inspect every inch of your attic. However, a telltale sign where your wild animal entry point could be is animal droppings. The place where you see a lot of animal droppings is also the place where the animal entry hole is.

What to do with Entry Holes You’ve Found?

The moment you are sure you have found all animal entry points should be the moment when you should think about how to get rid of the animals and how to seal up the holes.

When you completely get rid of animals yourself or you hire a wildlife professional to do that for you, you can start sealing up the holes. We warmly recommend you to seal the holes with a steel mesh.

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How to Inspect Your House to Find Wild Animal Entry Holes, how to repair holes