Bat Prevention Tips: How to Keep Bats Away

Bat Prevention
We think that most people don’t even think about bat prevention until their attic or home becomes invaded by these animals. However, if you want bats from entering your attic and never visit your attic anymore, you need to prevent them from entering your home.

In this article, we will feature some great tips for bat-proofing your building or home.

Inspect Your Home
When you make sure that you got rid of all bats that were living in your attic, home or building, only then you can start taking measures of bat-proofing your property. The first step to prevent more bat infestations happening at your property is to inspect your home.

When inspecting your home or building, pay a close attention to the roof of your house or your building. And pay even a more close attention to the loose tiles, fascia boards, vents, chimneys, and the places where soffit meets the roof. Now, look if there are any holes or gaps in such places.

Check for the Tiniest Holes and Gaps
Now you may think that you should ignore small gaps and holes you find on your roof. However, small holes and gaps which are smaller than 3/8 of an inch can be an entry point for bats.

So, don’t ignore any hole and gap you find on your roof. That small hole you would most probably ignore could be the main entry point of your bat guests.

Sealing up the Bat Holes
When you have found out all possible bat entry points to your home, you should do something about them. The best thing to do about bat entry points on your roof is to seal them once and for all.

We warmly recommend you to do the sealing during the nighttime. While sealing bat entry points on your roof, you should wear a bright headlamp. Sealing up bat entry points at night will also give you the opportunity to see if you have missed other subtle bat openings as bats will fly back and forth while you are sealing bat entry holes.

More about Sealing Bat Entry Points
Now, you may ask yourself with what can you seal bat entry points on your roof. Well, you have two options. You can seal bat entry holes with a steel sealant or you can seal the entry points of bats with steel nettings.

Do High-Pitch Sound Machines Keep Bats Away?
Some people claim that persons who had a bat problem can prevent further bat infestations with high-pitch sound machines. However, the truth is that such machines are a pure fraud.

High-pitch sound machines actually have no purpose at all. Bats aren’t scared of high pitch sounds. Some bats are even capable of destroying such machines completely. The only way for preventing the bats from entering your home is to seal up all entry holes. So, don’t waste your time buying “natural bat repellants” and high-pitch sound machines.

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Bat Prevention Tips: How to Keep Bats Away