Bat Trapping: How To Trap a Bat

Trapping is Always a Good Option

Trapping is always a good option for getting rid of wild animals and other nuisance wildlife animals. Now, it is completely normal to think that if you want to get rid of bats ASAP, you can use some type of a bat trap for that.

However, bats are unique animals and extremely hard to get trapped. One thing that is better than trapping these animals is completely excluding them from your attic or building. However, let’s explore some types of bat traps so you can see how bat trapping isn’t effective in bat control.

Netting Or Trapping The Bats

Some people who have a bat problem in their building or attic use modified boxes or cages which they mount on bat exit points. Other people try catching these animals with nets mounted to the bat exit points.

However, when such people actually catch their bat guests, they find themselves in the middle of a problem of what to do with the bats they just caught. When you catch a bat, you should know that you mustn’t kill it since it is a protected animal. If you release it, it will come back again. And if you drive the bats you caught far away from your property, they will come back. This is why it is so important to seal every bat entry point.

Other Bat Trapping Ways

People also use some other bat trapping methods such as homemade and commercial bat traps, such where the bat fully enters the trap and the trap’s door closes after that.

Regarding the fact that bats live in groups of more than 40 members, you will have a hard time trapping the complete bat colony and you will need to reuse your bat traps over and over again. And when you catch a whole bat colony, you will probably find yourself lost what to do with so many trapped bats.

Glue Board Bat Trapping Methods

When people fail to trap bats with homemade and commercial bat traps, they turn to some other methods of trapping bats. One such alternative bat trapping method is Glue Board Bat Trapping Method.

In this method, people basically put glue boards on the walls of their attic where their bat guests are roosting. This method of trapping usually ends in only several bats getting trapped. However, such bats almost instantly die of starvation. This is why glue board bat trapping is inhumane and illegal. Don’t even try this bat trapping method.

Don’t Trap the Bats

If you have a bat infestation in your attic or building, we recommend you not to trap them. The reason we tell you this is because bat trapping is dangerous and you will put your health at risk.

Instead of trapping the bats yourself and eventually contracting rabies, consider calling professional bat removal services which can be found in every American state. People who are professional bat removers will remove the bats from your attic or building effortlessly and for an affordable price.

In the end, live bat exclusion is the best method of getting rid of bats.

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Bat Trapping: How To Trap a Bat