How to get Bats out of your attic

Nasty Creatures
Bats are really nasty creatures that love to invade people’s attics and other spaces. And when these little pests invade someone’s attic, they can make a lot of damage to the object and the droppings they leave at attics are dangerous.

Because bats can cause a lot of damage to your attic and because their droppings are dangerous for humans, people who have bat problem in their attic should get rid of them as soon as possible. In this article, we will tell you how to get rid of bats by yourself, step by step.

Step No. 1 - Inspection
The first and most important step to the whole bat removal thing is inspecting your roof for any possible bat entry point. Bats can’t appear in your attic by magic. They need an entry point to enter it. Now, considering that, you should inspect your roof for holes, cracks, and tiny openings which could be bat entry points.

It is best to inspect your home for bat entry holes during the night with a headlamp on because you will then be able to see even the tiniest holes on your roof.

Step No. 2 - Pre-Sealing All Bat Entry Points
The bats that invaded your attic usually have found several holes and cracks on your roof through which they can enter your attic. The key thing to successful bat removal is finding those openings and holes. The gaps and holes on your roof are often tiny, and they are usually only a half-inch long. However, bats are capable of entering through such narrow openings.

In order to remove the bats from your attic, you will need to funnel them out at their bat entry holes. However, because bats can enter via various other insignificant holes, you should seal off potential bat entry openings beforehand, so that the bats you exclude don’t find a way to invade your attic once again.

Step No. 3 - Bat Exclusion
The most humane way to get rid of bats in your home is live bat exclusion. To exclude the bats from your attic but keep them alive, you will need a one-way exclusion device which you will place on the primary entry or primary exit areas.

Depending on the architecture of your home, your one-way exclusion device could be an exclusion funnel, cone, and netting. If you want to create an exclusion funnel yourself, you should make it in a way that bats can naturally fly out of it, but won’t be able to come back through it.

Step No. 4 - Sealing Up
Once you have concluded all bats have left your attic, you should start sealing up all entry holes you found before chasing away the bats. You will need to seal up all entry holes to your attic since bats have a good memory and they will try to invade your attic again and again.

Step No. 5 - Cleaning Up Your Attic
The bats which invaded your attic most likely left their dangerous dropping there, so you will need to clean up their droppings with an enzyme cleaner.

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How to get Bats out of your attic