How to Get Rid Of Birds without Killing Them

Getting rid of birds can be difficult mostly when they already have large family with nest of babies. They can hesitate moving out of your property except you try to use some harsh method. But, most of the harsh way of getting rid of birds usually results to killing them which is not allowed in most parts of the world. That is the reason you are being presented with some effective way to get rid of birds from your property without killing them. Simply read through the content of this post to get the information you need to rid your home with birds completely.

Homemade deterrents
If birds are causing your sleepless night with their noise or making you to feel discomfort with the smell of their droppings, you need to try homemade deterrents to get rid of them without killing them. Some birds are protected by law in most part of the world and you must be careful while dealing with birds to avoid killing the ones that are protected. Use some of the homemade deterrents for bird removal and you will get the solution you need.

Remove attractants
It is quite obvious that birds usually go to places with attractive things like foods and others. If you provide them with such things in your home then they will surely come around to feed on them. That is why you should consider clearing out the possible things you think that are attracting birds around you when you want to get rid of them without harming them. Remove the bird feeder at the backyard and they will move to another location in search of food.

Bird Repellent
You can repel birds that have been coming around your garden or feeding on the things in your home without killing them in the process. Just use natural bird repellent or you can buy artificial one in the market and they bird will be forced to move away. Use black pepper as natural repellent and you will no more have to worry about bird infestation.

You can make bird unable to stay around your house by installing spikes on top of the roof and any other place the usually perch. The spike will make it difficult for them to feel relaxed for some time. That will force them to move away from your property without delay and without being killed.

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How to Get Rid Of Birds without Killing Them