How to Clean an Attic After Animals

When animals decide to move in to your attic, they can make a huge mess. Everything from their urine and feces to the ripped-up insulation can be incredibly obnoxious and harmful. You have to clean up after you’ve managed to get rid of them, but this is no easy task. Nesting materials, food debris, foul odors, mold, parasites, contaminants; everything has to be thoroughly taken care of to avoid disease, new wildlife, and other such problems. The attic should be returned to its original state, if not even cleaner. This decontamination process doesn’t have to be hard, however.

First: Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum!
Certainly there are some things that can be removed by hand, like large pieces of torn-up insulation or debris, but animals leave smaller, grosser things that should really be cleaned up with an industrial vacuum cleaner, like a ShopVac. The most important thing to vacuum up would be the feces, which you probably do not want to remove by hand.

Second: Fog That Attic!
After you’ve cleaned out the larger debris and vacuumed up the smaller but more infinite messes, you need to eliminate the oils, contaminants, pheromones, parasites, bugs, and other such disgusting materials that are still wreaking havoc on your attic. You should get a atomizing mist machine to fog the attic with biohazard cleaners, which will destroy any and all organic matter without harming the structure itself.

Third: Break Out the Cleaning Supplies!
Once you have fogged the attic, you have eliminated the majority of the issues that were left behind by the infesting animals, but the job is not finished yet. Typically, such misters tend to create a less-than-desirable odor that ruminates in the attic and spreads to other parts of the house. After the mister has been used appropriately, you can get in there and begin cleaning with pleasant-smelling chemicals that can remove the appearance of stains as well as generate a homier feel to the environment.

Fourth: Enjoy Your Renewed Attic!
Now that you’ve gotten everything completed,all that is left to do is enjoy your animal-free attic. No longer will you be pestered by the sounds of critters skittering throughout your home, and no longer will your house smell like a petting zoo. You can finally relax after having done so much work to protect and maintain the state of your home.

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How to Clean an Attic After Animals