How to Get Rid of House Mice

A Common Occurrence
Most people experience a mouse invasion in their home at least once in their life. And some people deal with mice several times per year! Mice are a common occurrence in almost every part of the world and they are a nuisance people hate the most.

Although these animals seem cute when you are browsing for their pictures on the Internet, they aren’t cute when they invade your home. Mice can be a real nuisance when they invade your home and they can as well cause a lot of damage to your property. Keeping that in mind, we have created this article which will explain how to get rid of house mice.

First Things First
It would be crazy to get rid of mice if you actually don’t have a house mice infestation in your home. So, the first thing you should do regarding mice removal is to conclude you actually have a mice infestation going on in your home.

There are some telltale signs that you are having mice in your home. Those telltale signs include hearing squeaking sounds at night, sound of scratching furniture, and seeing mice droppings which are usually dark and seed-shaped. When you note these things, you can be sure you have mice in your home.

Catching the Mice
To catch mice in your home, we recommend you use live traps. You can lure mice in a live trap by placing bait inside it. The best bait you can place in a live trap is cheese and peanut butter. Mice enter a small hole in the trap and they get trapped once they reach out for the bait.

And when you catch a mouse in a live trap, consider taking the trap in which you caught your mouse to a nearby field or a forest where you will release the mouse free. Don’t kill mice when you catch them because that is inhumane.

Mouse Trapping Tips
When handling or baiting your mouse trap, make sure that you wear surgical gloves. We say this because mice have a great sense of smell and they will most likely sense that you handled the bait and the mouse trap. So, the moment you unpack your mouse trap, put on gloves and start preparing it.

When you think about where you should place mice live traps, we recommend you to place them in places where you saw mouse droppings or in places where you heard squeaking sounds. The places where you heard squeaking sounds are most likely areas with a mice nest.

Sticky Traps
Sticky mice traps look like cardboard houses. The bottom of these traps is poured with a sticky substance that will catch your mice invaders.

You should place these traps in places where you saw mice droppings and where you heard mice scratching noises. Once you catch mice in this trap, you should release them free into the wild. But, make sure to check your sticky mice traps every day as mice can die quickly when trapped in them.

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How to Get Rid of House Mice