How to Get Rid of Pigeons

They are Entertaining to Watch
Pigeons are really fun animals and it is entertaining to watch them while they are goofing around in your local park. However, these animals aren’t that entertaining when they invade your attic or home.

Did you know that the poop of these birds contains certain acids that can chew on building materials? Also, did you know that pigeon waste is a serious health threat to humans? Well, you can luckily prevent this. In this article we will both teach you how to get rid of pigeons and how to prevent them at your property. Before taking any action, we advise you to read local laws about which control methods you can incorporate while dealing with pigeons.

Make Pigeon Roosting Spaces Less Inviting
Pigeons are mad about roosting on the top of your home or building. You can take this fact in your advantage and purchase anti-roosting spike strips.

When you buy anti-roosting spike strips, you should place them to a spot on which pigeons may perch and roost.

Sloped Sheathing
Another great way how you can prevent annoying pigeons from roosting on your house is installing sheathing made of PVC, plywood, and metal.

Sheathing made of such materials is slippery and it will not allow pigeons to roost on it. One great sheathing product you can buy to disallow pigeons from roosting on your home is called BirdSlide™.

Don’t Feed Pigeons
It is cool and humane to feed pigeons in your local park. However, if you feed pigeons at your property, remember that pigeons have a brilliant memory and that they will keep coming back to your property.

Like, pigeons will remember your property as a great source of food and they will keep coming to it and eventually invade it. So, keep feeding pigeons only at parks.

Seal Up Your Attic
Do you know which place in your house pigeons would love to invade the most? Your attic. Now, you can prevent pigeons from invading your attic by taking some preventive measures.

The best way to prevent a pigeon from invading your attic is to seal it up. So, consider filling any gaps which are in the siding of your house or between the shingles of your roof. You should also consider cutting tree branches close to your attic.

Cap Your Chimney
Pigeons are fond of roosting in people’s chimneys. To prevent these birds from roosting in your chimney, you should install a mesh stainless steel cap on your chimney.

By installing this cap on your chimney, you will prevent pigeons from entering through your chimney, but you will allow the smoke to escape.

Hire a Professional
In case you find out that there are some pigeons in your attic or in your chimney, you should call a professional to remove them for you. A professional wildlife remover will most likely install a one-way door to get rid of pigeons that invaded your chimney or your attic.

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How to Get Rid of Pigeons