How to Get Rid of Opossums

Eliminate the Sources of Food

If you have an opossum or several opossums in your garden, the chances are high that you did something to lure them in it. Opossums are known as omnivorous animals that eat everything on their way they find eatable and edible.

These animals love eating plants, birds, amphibians, carrion, garbage, pet food, insects, and even rodents. So, consider cleaning up food remains in your yard. Also, get trash cans that have tight fitting lids. If you have fruit trees in your garden, pick up all fallen fruits as opossums are attracted to eating them. Also, hide your birdfeeder somewhere at night and protect your compost.

Eliminate Shelters

Only animals as ugly as opossums will opt for hiding behind brush piles and other things in your garden. Considering this, we advise you to dispose all brush piles you have around your home. Once you disposed brush piles, also consider getting rid of woodpiles and hiding them in a secluded facility, such as a shelter.

Eliminate that Opossum

Don’t get this title wrong. We don’t mean to kill opossum that invaded your property. What we have meant under eliminate that opossum is to use a live opossum trap.

Load your live opossum trap with something that will attract an opossum such as canned cat food or dog food. You can also use old fruits as opossum bait. Once you catch an opossum in a live opossum trap, take that trap with opossum in it and release the opossum somewhere far away from your property.

Place Ammonia and Mothballs

Did you find out where opossums are hiding in your garden? Do you know what you should do next? Well, you should bombard these little animals with stink. That’s right. The most common and widespread method of ousting an opossum is pouring some ammonia in an old coffee can.

Once you poured household ammonia in a coffee can, put an old rag or a towel in it. An old rag or a towel which you will put in a coffee can filled with household ammonia will act as a wick and it will thus help disperse the scent. You should do this everywhere that looks like a place where an opossum may be hiding at. Also, feel free to put several moth balls around a coffee can filled with ammonia. This will drive opossums crazy.

Close off the Den

If you have opossums that live under your porch, shed, or under any other structures, you should keep an eye on when opossums will leave their shelter. This will most likely happen at night since these animals are nocturnal animals. Once an opossum leaves its shelter underneath your porch or shed, take a portable lamp with you and start sealing the entrance through which an opossum goes through and hides underneath your shed or porch. The best way you can seal small openings underneath your porch or shed is by using a metal mesh.

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How to Get Rid of Opossums