How to Get Rid of Raccoon

They are Cute, but…
We must admit that raccoons look extremely cute when we watch them on TV. However, they aren’t so cute when they invade your attic and your trash cans. Although raccoons are smart, you can catch them easily if you follow some of the tips on how to catch them in our article.
Without further ado, let’s find in this article how to get rid of raccoons.

Remove Water and Food
The truth is that the main reason why a raccoon would invade someone’s household is food and water. However, you can get rid of raccoons once and forever by making your yard less inviting to raccoons.
Any potential food source in your yard may be inviting to raccoons. Because of that, you should consider removing any trace of food in your yard such as pet food, fallen fruits, cans, and food leftovers.

Identify Damaged Areas
Knowing where that little varmint raccoon hides will greatly help you get rid of it. To help you with finding your raccoon, we will now feature some of the most common places where raccoons spend their time at your household.
The most common places where you can find a raccoon are:

• Attic

• Cellar

• Crops

• Trash Cans

• Porch

• Near Bird Feed

Choose a Control Method
Once you have identified where your raccoon hides and what areas did it damage, you should choose a raccoon control method. It is important to mention that the more defense methods you have against these mammals, the better your chances are at chasing away raccoons from your property.

Our recommendation for you is to use a live trap to get rid of your raccoons. Using a live trap will be helpful in getting rid of raccoons in your home and outside it. There are two types of live traps for raccoons you can buy today - large and extra-large live raccoon traps. If you have several raccoons you want to get rid of, then you should use an extra-large live raccoon trap. Raccoon traps are easy to use:

• Properly position your raccoon trap while wearing gloves
• Bait your raccoon trap so that a raccoon can enter it and lastly step on the trap trigger plate
• Set your raccoon trap and check it every day. Don’t allow raccoon in the trap to stay inside it for a prolonged time.
Raccoons are known for their stunning climbing abilities and it is no wonder why they invade the households with tall fences. However, you can outsmart these varmint mammals by fencing your property in a way that will disallow raccoon to approach it.

So, if you want to build a fence that will act as a barrier against raccoons, we warmly recommend you to build an electric fence around your property. We can guarantee you that raccoons won’t ever approach your precious home once you put an electric fence around it. We recommend this fence because raccoons are able to dig under regular fences and to even jump over them.

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How to Get Rid of Raccoon