How to Get Rid of Snakes

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Snakes are very common in almost every part of the world. People who have big yards which are already home to a variety of insects and plants can expect snakes to invade their property. Albeit some snakes can be dangerous, their presence means that the ecosystem is healthy.

However, you probably don’t care about the ecosystem and you most probably don’t want to see snakes on your property. In this article, we will teach you how to get rid of snakes from your yard or your home.

Removing Snakes Indoors
If you have seen a snake in your home, don’t panic first place. If you can’t conclude whether the snake in your home is poisonous or not, opt for calling a professional wildlife remover to remove that snake from your home.

Venomous snakes should never be handled by people who have absolutely no experience in handling them. Once you’ve called a professional wildlife remover, you should prevent the snake from escaping the room it is in. So, shut the door of the room where you saw the snake and put a towel underneath that room’s door. Also, keep your kids and your pets away from the room where the snake is in.

Removing a Snake Yourself
If you conclude that the snake in your home is non-venomous, you can remove it by yourself. Almost every snake people find in their home isn’t venomous. Snakes that aren’t venomous usually don’t bite people. Even if a non-venomous snake bites you, you should only disinfect the area where it bit you.

Now, to remove a non-venomous snake, you will need a broom. Use a large broom and corral the snake onto a piece of plywood or onto a plastic sheet. Throw the snake in a large plastic container. Drive the snake to a nearby forest and release it.

Glue Trap
Just like you can catch mice and rats with a glue trap, you can as well catch snake in a glue trap. So, if you suspect that an uninvited snake guest is in basement, garage or in your attic, you can lay out some high-quality glue traps along the walls of such areas.

Once you lay out glue traps, the snakes will most probably crawl over them and end up being trapped. We recommend you to check your glue trap every day, so that the snake doesn’t suffocate and die in the end. To release the snake from a glue trap, pour some vegetable oil over the trap and the snake to allow the snake to release itself from the trap.

Snake Prevention
People say that it is better to prevent something than actually dealing with it. This can actually implement on snakes. So, it is better to prevent snakes on your property than actually dealing with them.

The best way to prevent snakes in your yard and on your property is to clean your property and yard clean all the time. Move your lawn often and clean up birdseed and fallen fruits in your yard.

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How to Get Rid of Snakes