How to Repair Animal Entry Holes Leading into a House

Maybe you heard them rustling around up there, or you see the damage they cause. Maybe you have personally seen the animal a time or two. Whatever the situation, you know you have an animal in the attic and you know you need it gone – and fast. Getting rid of the animal, though, might seem like a difficult task. If you have removed it in the past, but found that it came back, or that there are more, you will have to take steps to repair the entry holes. Repairing the points of entry is the only way to ensure that the animal cannot return to your property.

Finding the Entry Point
Before you can repair a point of entry, you have to repair it. If you do not know where it is, look around the property. Check for any damage or anything that may appear damaged. This is not always easy to do as some points of entry may not be immediately visible. If you have trouble finding the entry hole, try to track the animal. Whenever the animal leaves or enters, look at the location. Try to find the likely hole from there.

In some instances, the entry hole is not damage. If there is a part of your home that may allow entry, by design, you will want to close it off. While this is not common, you will want to check for all possible entry points.

Repairing the Hole

After finding the entry point, you will want to go about repairing it. Doing so does not have to be difficult, but it is not the same every time. It depends on the damage type, size, and condition. Make sure that you use an appropriate, effective repair solution.

Part of this is using the right products. A simple wooden board over a hole is not going to work every time, or often. This is especially the case for animals that may damage the board. You will want a permanent, or at least semi-permanent, fix. Such a fix may require professional services, but it is worth it. Repairing that hole permanently will keep out the animals for good and give you a secure home.

If you cannot find the point of entry, you can have a professional service help. Professional services can locate the entry point for you and offer a solution that will work for keeping the animals out.

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