Home Remedies to Keep Birds Away and Get Rid Of Them

If you have bird infestation in your house, it can be difficult to handle depending on the kind of birds and the season of the year. Some birds usually go away after some seasons while some do not go till you do something that will make them to pack their families and run to another destination. The damage caused by birds in building is really terrible and it is the main reason why people normally look for the easier way to get rid of them. There are some home simple home remedies you need to make sure that birds move away completely from your building and you will get it from this post.

Use a Homemade Deterrent to Remove Birds
To make sure that birds vacate your house and any other part of your property, you can make use of some homemade deterrents. Sprinkle spices like black pepper or chili powder around the area where the birds usually come. They will surely move away when they start feeling uncomfortable with the homemade deterrents. In fact, the abovementioned is considered one of the most effective and efficient for making bird go away.

Remove Trashes from Your Home
Are there trashes around your home and you are having serious bird infestations? Then, go ahead and clean up your home first and you will be shocked how the birds will on their own move away to another location. They will no more find your house attractive when they discover there are no more trashes, leftover foods and other things they will feed on around. Remember birds mainly visit places with abundance of foods and protection for them.

Use Natural Bird Repellent
There are also some natural bird repellents you can use to keep birds from coming around your house and even make them go away completely. Some species of birds do not like to stay in the same place with black pepper due to the fact that they do not like feeding on them. So, when you spray such thing about and they feed on it they will be forced to move away to where they can find their suitable food.

Install Spikes
You should not even worry when you have birds infestation in your house as one of the home remedies known to be highly effective is installation of spikes. Birds love to live in a place where they can roast and enjoy relaxation after feeding. But, when you install the spike they will not find a broad surface to perch making them to go away quickly.

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Home Remedies to Keep Birds Away and Get Rid Of Them