How to make a rat trap?

Do you know people prefer to keep rats as a pet? It can be dangerous as they will destroy everything that comes their way. More importantly as to why you should be concerned to get the rats out of your house is because they are carries of harmful diseases such as rabies and others. Also, they make a place dirty and when they die inside the house, it is more difficult to stay in the house therefore; you need to eradicate them once and for all.

Making a homemade rat trap

This should be easy and you shouldn't have hard time making a trap. However, most people would prefer using the readymade traps to deal with the rat problem. Making a rat trap can be enjoyable especially where results are visible. Therefore, if you feel like you want to make a homemade rat trap, follow the following procedure.

What you need
There are some items that you will need in order to make your own trap, these are not expensive as opposed by the readymade traps;
• A large water bottle.
• Scissors.
• A tape.
• A craft knife.

Making of the trap
After you have assembled the items that you will need to trap the rat, here is procedure that you will need to follow in order to construct your own trap;

• Cut off the neck of the bottle. The cut should be made 1 inch below the threaded section of the bottle

• make another cut which will be about 2 inches below the cut that you just made. These two cut out pieces are very crucial to the making of the trap and therefore you have to keep them.

Creating a non-return entrance

The smaller top section of the bottle will act as the funnel, cut some smaller slices starting from the end you just removed the opening. As you cut, you should make diagonal cutting to make it appear like spikes.

After you have created the non-return entrance for the rodent, you can now insert the funnel. Here, you need to apply some tape around the rim of the funnel. Finally insert the funnel into the bottom of the bottle.

Trap some rodent, put a bait into the bottom of the trap that will act as an attracting factor for the animal. This way, you can put an end to the regime of these unwanted house mates.

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How to make a rat trap?