Home Remedies to Keep Squirrels Away and Get Rid of Them

It is not unlikely that you can find squirrel concurrently. If you allow them to make home in your place, that means you will find it difficult to get rid of them. They are small creatures with ability to reproduce quickly and form large family in a place. In that regard, you should never allow them to even spend a night in your place so they will not reproduce there and cause serious damages for you. Follow the tips provided here on home remedies to keep squirrels away and get rid of them.

Use Motion Activation Sprinkler to Get Rid Of Squirrels
Squirrels are easily scared with every little sudden change in their environment. That is the reason why you can easily scare them away with motion activation sprinkler. The sprinkler is made to work only when activated with the presence of animal like squirrel in this case. So, when the squirrel come around the machine will begins to sprinkle water on them making them to feel strange presence around them and quickly move away.

Use Safflower to Keep Squirrels from Coming near You
You can equally make use of safflower to keep squirrels and get rid of them from a particular place. Just make sure that you detect the area with high presence of squirrels and put the safflower there and they will definitely move away. The bitter taste of safflower seed will make squirrel avoid coming around the place after tasting the seed. You can even use the safflower seed to keep rodents like squirrels and others from eating up your bird feeder as the seed does not do anything to the bird but can easily make rodent not to come around the bird feeder again.

Make Use of Strobe Light to Keep Squirrel Away
Squirrels are really irritated with strobe light to a large extent. You can easily fix the strobe light anywhere you want including in your attic, and other hidden places of your house. The strobe light will make squirrels not to be able to cross around your property again.

Make Use of Hot Pepper or Mothball to Keep Squirrels Away
Another home remedies you need to keep away squirrels and make them go away is hot pepper or mothball. Spray any of this around the place with squirrel activities and they will definitely move away without coming back. But, that will depend on whether they have nest of babies or not

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Home Remedies to Keep Squirrels Away and Get Rid of Them