How to make a raccoon trap

Raccoons are beautiful animals and one can be easily attracted by their beauty. However, these animals can be a threat to us and in most cases; they have been reported to be a nuisance to humans. Basically, they carry infectious diseases as well, they could turn your house into their play ground and therefore, you need to be careful with them.

Building a raccoon trap

If raccoons have proven to be a problem at your house, then you need to find a long lasting solution to control them. Most people would prefer going for readymade traps and poisons to control the activities of the raccoons inside their compound. If you want to avoid all these, then you can make your own trap.

What you need to make the trap

To make the raccoon trap, these are the objects that you will require; • A picnic table or another large object. • A plank of wood. • A bait ( meat bait, or marshmallow) • A tall and strong garbage.

Procedure to follow

When you have already assembled the items, here is what you need to do; • You need to place the garbage can close to the end of the table and make it firm and strong. This will help it not to tip over. • After setting up the garbage can and made it strong, you will need to fill it half way with water. • Use the plank and place it on the table with one end hanging over the part of the garbage can. Place the plank in a manner that it is not stable so that when the raccoon gets to the end it can easily fall. • Place the bait on the overhang. However, you have to strategically place it so that other animal will not find it. • Check the trap regularly to see if there is a catch.


Raccoons can be at times very vicious and therefore as you are taking it out be careful. The recommended thing to is taking the garbage can at a distance and then releasing it. If you cannot do it, ask assistance from somebody who can.

Bottom line

There are so many traps that you can still use to trap the raccoon but the most recommended one is the picnic table trap which is easy to set up and actually, you are guaranteed to catch the naughty animal.

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How to make a raccoon trap