How to get House Mice out of your attic

Why You Should Get Rid of Mice in Your Attic
Almost every American household had a mice problem or it will have a mice problem in the near future since these varmint animals are the most common wildlife home infiltrators. And once they get in your attic, they will start making damage to it and spreading diseases they have.

So, to prevent the damage house mice can make in your attic and to keep your attic a disease-free area, you should get rid of these mammals as soon as possible! Your attic wasn’t built for the house mice; it was built for you can use it! In this article, we will explain you how to get rid of house mice that invaded your attic.

Step 1 - How did they get inside your home?
Not any house mouse in the world ever knocked on people’s doors and asked may it come in. House mouse isn’t that polite mammal. These animals actually get inside your home and attic through outside holes found in your home. Because these animals are minuscule, they can enter even through the most subtle cracks and openings in your home.

Mice usually enter people’s attics and homes through roof lines, vents, and gaps in sidings. When mice enter such openings, they crawl up the walls of people’s homes and invade the attic. Mice are particularly drawn to invading attics because they are ideal places where they can roost and give birth to young. Remember that you will never get rid of these little pests until you find out what entry points they use.

Step 2 - Sealing up every entry point
Upon inspection of your home for mice entry points, note very crack or opening larger than 1/4 inch because the mice can enter any hole bigger than that. Now, when you noted all holes bigger than 1/4 inch, you should seal them up with a metal flashing or a steel mesh.

You should use a steel mesh or metal flashing for sealing up mice entry points because mice can’t chew on steel and heavier metals.

Step 3 - Trapping mice and baiting them
When you make sure that you’ve sealed up all mice entry holes, you are ready to trap your mice guests. When planning to get rid of house mice in your attic, we recommend you to purchase at least 10 non-lethal mice traps, such as mice live traps and place them all around your attic.

Now, when placing a live mice trap, you should wear gloves and place bait inside every trap. The best bait you can place in a live mouse trap is a piece of any fruit. However, you can also place a small piece of cheese.

Step 4 - Cleaning up after mice invaders
Once you caught mice in your live mice trap, release them in the wild. After that, you should clean up your whole attic with a strong disinfectant to prevent the spread of diseases mice carry.

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How to get House Mice out of your attic