How to Get Rid Of Mice without Killing Them

Both mice and rats are almost same in so many areas only that they differ in body size and some damages they cause. Mice infestation can be difficult to deal with mostly if it is your first time of handling the case. You may find it difficult knowing the right and best approach to take in order to make sure that the animals go away from your house without killing them. You will get some tips on how to get rid of mice from your home, property and others without killing them when you read through the content of this post.

Remove All the Possible Attractants Around
What you must know when you have mice infestation in your property or house is that something must be responsible for their attraction. It is either that you packed some food items there, allowed the place to be scattered with leftover foods or even that you are not careful enough to make sure that the surrounding environment is completed cleared and tidied. In that regard, the best way to get rid of the mice disturbing your house without killing them is by removing possible attractants around.

Make Use of Natural Repellent
You an equally make use of natural repellent to ensure that mice move away from your property completely. There are whole lots of options to select from when it comes to some natural repellents that can enable you get rid of mice from your house. You can easily use peppermint oil or any other item that can produce bad smell for them to move away. Smell of garlic can also make mice move far away from your kitchen and every other place they find themselves.

Use Humane Trap to Catch and Relocate
Humane trap can also help you to catch and relocate mice disturbing your house without killing them. The humane trap also comes in several forms with the sole purpose of catching the animal without allowing them to die there. You can make them to fall into a bucket of water where you can bring them out and relocate to another place.

Use Electronic Repellent
There are also several electronic repellents in the market that can work wonders for you. Make use of such electronic repellents and you will have peace of the mind in your house without any mice problem. Ultrasonic Pest Repeller can work wonders in this respect.

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How to Get Rid Of Mice without Killing Them