How to get rid of moles using dawn soap

Most of the times, you will not notice that there are moles in your yard until walking down the lawn one day and stepping into a mole hole and the next thing you realize is that your ankle is already twisted. Or waking-up one morning only to find many mole hills in the yard…These burrowing rodents spend most of their time underground creating one tunnel after another and therefore in one night, you could find a lot of mole hills in your yard. Therefore, you need to find a solution for this before it gets out of hand.

Getting rid of mole

It may not be easy since you are dealing with something that you cannot see and therefore control of these animals becomes a lot more difficult. There are different types of strategy that you could implement to control the spread or the activities of the moles in your yard. Here are some:

• Trapping the mole.
• Using repellents to control the moles.
• Use of chewing gum to get rid of the moles.
• Use of dawn soap to get rid of the moles.

All these are the possible and viable solution that you can use to get rid of the moles in your yard. Each will work differently depending on some several factors.

Trapping the mole

This is an effective method that will not only control the activities of the mole in your yard, it will also make that all the moles in your area are dealt with accordingly. You can make your own traps or even prefer using the commercial traps.


These are other powerful mole control measures that you could implement to get rid of the moles. The castor plants as well as the mole plant work effectively in keeping the mole out.

Use of dawn soap
If you are considering this method, here is what you should do;
• Mix 4 ounces of castor oil with 1 tbsp of sishwashing liquid into a bottle and fill it up with water and shake well.
• Coat your lawn with the mixture and be sure to give a thorough coating.
• For about a week or so, repeat the same procedure.
• If the mole activity reappears, repeat the process.

After you are through, most of the moles would have already be gone. The dawn soap is an effective chaser of the moles out of your garden.

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How to get rid of moles using dawn soap