How to get rid of moles in yard without killing them

Moles can be a vexing animal in your yard or garden. They eat the roots of your precious plants and flowers (the ones that makes your garden a garden) and worse than that, they usually leave some unsightly holes which you could up getting hurt. Even worst, moles carry dangerous diseases and therefore getting rid of them becomes absolutely necessary. So how do you get rid of these furry burrowing animals?

Create a mole pit trap

If you want to grab the mole without killing it, then creating a mole pit trap is the best idea ever. Here is how to do that:

• You need to locate the mole’s active tunnel. These are mostly the buildup runaway’s tunnels that the moles build to transverse through your garden. One sure way to know if a tunnel is active, just stomp over it and if it is rebuilt the next day, it is surely an active tunnel.

• Dig carefully into the tunnel. Dig a hole large enough on to the floor of the tunnel where the mole walks, place a glass jar and cover the top of the hole with a board.

• Wait for a few days to see if there is a catch. If there is any, just remove the jar and cover it with some air and release the mole somewhere else safer.

This is a method that works effectively when you want to make a live catch. This method has been used by many people and the results are tremendous. Therefore, you too can use it to your advantage and stop the mole menace in your garden.

Use repellents

Use of repellents is another strategy that works very effectively at keeping the moles away. Where you do not want the moles to go, you can simply use the castor oil over the place and with no time the moles will have already gone away. This is again a very powerful strategy where you do not want to kill the mole.

Killing a mole will not do you any advantage because after killing it, it will find a replacement. What you need to is carefully place the strategy that will lead the animal going away itself.

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How to get rid of moles in yard without killing them