House Mouse Trapping: How To Trap a House Mouse

Many Types of House Mice Traps
Mouse traps for getting rid of mice come in a plethora of styles. The most common traps people buy today are mice snap traps, glue traps, and multiple mice traps.

In this article, we will talk about house mouse trapping, how to trap a mouse, and everything else related to mice trapping. You will find this article useful if you have a mice infestation going on in your home. Now, let’s find a couple of important things about mice trapping.

Trap Location
One of the most important aspects of mouse trapping is a good mice trap placement. You should place your mice traps in areas where mice are most active. To find out where your house mice are hiding, you will need several days. However, the most common places where mice activity is going on are attics, walls, dark corners, and areas behind appliances.

Proper Placement of Mice Trap
When placing a mice trap, you should place it perpendicular to the walls in your house. The trigger section of your mice trap should face the baseboard. By placing the trigger section along the baseboard of your wall, you will make the mouse run directly into the trap as mice naturally scurry along people’s walls.

Pick a Bait
You probably think that mice eat cheese because you saw that in cartoons. However, mice actually don’t eat cheese. That is why you should forget about baiting your mice with cheese. Actually, cheese can work as bait, but we recommend you to bait your mice with foods which are a part of their natural diet.

This means that you can bait your house mouse with seeds, fruit, and grains. Also, you can bait these varmint animals with sugary foods, high-protein foods, and with high-fat foods. For example, good mouse bait would be bacon or chocolate. More precisely, any bait that is soft and that has a strong smell will attract mice.

Baiting a Trap
You must keep in mind that you shouldn’t use to much bait. You should keep your mouse bait to the size of a bread crumb and then place it inside the trap.

Many people who want to get rid of mice make a mistake when they put a lot of mice bait to the mice trap. This will only feed the mice, but it won’t catch them. We warmly recommend you to bait the trap before you set it.

Check Your Traps
Now that you have baited your mouse traps and placed them along your walls, you should check them every day. If you’ve caught mice, you will need to get rid of it as soon as possible, because the body of a mouse will start to decompose rapidly, and if you don’t get rid of it soon, it will start to smell awfully.

Disposing the Mouse
While you are disposing the mouse you’ve caught, you should wear protective gloves so that you won’t allow yourself to catch any infection or disease.

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House Mouse Trapping: How To Trap a House Mouse