Noises in the attic but no droppings

It is late at night and all you can hear some scampering noises from the attic. Or worse, you are woken up at 2:00 A.M in the morning by a sound that feels that someone has just bowled in your house. It terrifies sometimes especially to the children and therefore, before the situation gets out hand, you need to manage it. When you get to the attic, you expect there be some indicators of an animal living there but contrary to that, there is nothing for you to find.

What is making the noise?

Animals especially the rodents find human habitation very friendly and warm given that everything that they require is in close proximity and therefore, food shelter and protection becomes provided for. But when you hear noises, you may wonder, what is causing the noises?

• Squirrels.

• The rats.

• The mice.

• Snakes.

• Raccoons

Among other animals therefore, if you happen to walk in the attic only to find nothing, then be sure that one of the animals above is responsible.

Why the attic?

An attic is a really special place for most of the wild animals. It has all the conditions necessary for them to survive and therefore, most of the animals are likely to develop a liking to the place. Just like human, animals have a very organized way of doing things and if you do not spot the dropping in the attic and certainly you hear that there are noises, then you should know that they are using the attic for one of the following reasons:

• Playing ground- animals do play and therefore, when they are playing, they make a lot of noise and if the attic is not their pooping place, you will certainly not find any droppings.

• Sleeping ground- the attic for most animals forms a special place for sleeping and therefore, you will not find any droppings.

• Feeding area- if the attic is the feeding area, then it may be hard for you to find any dropping in the area.

• Nurturing place- if the attic is the place where the animals have chosen to nurture their young ones from, then the puppies may make a lot of noise.

These are some of the reason why you may be hearing noises only to find nothing when you get there.

If you find no dropping in the attic but you have been experiencing some occasional noises, then know that the attic is not their pooping place.

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Noises in the attic but no droppings