How to get Pigeon out of your attic

Is it Possible to Chase Away Pigeons from Your Attic?
The attic in your house seems like an ideal place for birds such as pigeons to make a nest and roost there. Getting rid of pigeons which invaded your attic can be a hard task and that is because of several reasons. For example, pigeons will usually not be reachable because they will invade the high corners of your attic which are ideal spots for their nests.

Getting to the pigeons in the corners in your attic to destroy their nesting place can be also dangerous for your health as that place is probably filled with pigeon poop that can infect you various diseases if you breathe it in. Some people use pigeon repellants to get rid of the pigeons in their attic. This method may work for someone, but it usually doesn’t work as the birds can get used to any smell they find awful.

A Major Source of Nuisance
Pigeons in people’s attics can become a major source of nuisance. This is because they will leave their poop all over your attic and endanger your health.

If your pigeon friends are only roosting in your attic or on the roof of your house, you can try a few things about that. For example, if you know that the birds are in your attic, you will need to find out how are they coming in to your attic. When you find out a pigeon entry point, consider sealing it up with a steel mesh or with metal plates.

If the birds are only roosting on your roof and hanging out there, you can prevent them from roosting there with the help of needle strips or a barbed wire which you will place on your roof’s landing spots. Once you remove pigeons from your attic, it is a must to clean up their turds for the sake of your health.

Pigeon Traps in Your Attic
Pigeons belong to the group of birds that are always looking forward to thriving in an environment where there are people around. These birds love to live inside our homes or outside them because they have a constant food resource. Wild birds such as pigeons can gain access to the inside of our home in a plethora of ways.

For example, pigeons can get into our attic through loose roof tiles, heating vents, air vents, and through broken windows. These animals can actually enter through any bigger gap or hole in your home.

When they invade your attic, pigeons are hard to get rid of. However, luckily there are pigeon traps that work. Methods such as catching the pigeon or scaring it off are ineffective. It is quite easy to trap pigeons in a pigeon trap. You will only need to get them used to the trap for a few days.

Removing Pigeons
When you catch pigeons using a live pigeon trap, which is basically a large cage with one door, you will need to relocate them. Once you get rid of them, you will need to disinfect the whole area with an enzyme cleaner so other pigeons won’t sense that there were pigeons living in your attic.

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How to get Pigeon out of your attic