Pigeon Prevention Tips: How to Keep Pigeons Away

Destructive Animals
Although pigeons may seem to you like cool birds, you won’t think like that about them once they invade your home. These animals are highly destructive to any building or home they decide to invade. This is mainly due to the fact that droppings of these birds contain corrosive acids that can chew on almost any material they get in touch with.

If you are looking forward to not having a pigeon infestation in your home at your property, keep on reading this article as we will explain you how to can prevent these animals from getting close your home.

Hot Sauce Prevention Method
The easiest and most affordable way of preventing pigeons from getting close your home or building is hot sauce. Hot sauce will prevent pigeons from building nests on your property and stooping on it.

So, consider coating the ledges of your home or building with some hot sauce. Pigeons hate the smell of strong spices such as chili, garlic, onions, pepper, and cumin, which are contained in hot sauces. However, you should keep in mind that you should reapply hot sauce almost every day if you choose this pigeon prevention method.

Motion Detection Sprinkler
If you find hot sauce pigeon prevention method ineffective, you can switch to using motion detection sprinklers for pigeon control. You can purchase motion detection sprinklers online for an affordable price.

You should place a motion detection sprinkler in every place you consider pigeons may stoop on. Now, when a pigeon approaches near the trigger of a motion detection sprinkler, it will be sprinkled with water. However, after some time of using motion detection sprinklers, the pigeons may learn how to avoid them, so you may find this method ineffective.

Physical Deterrents
Pigeons will only land on homes that have a flat and stable surface on their roof. You can take this in your advantage and make the ledges of your home inaccessible to pigeons. To make your home’s ledges inaccessible to pigeons, you can purchase spiky landing strips and spread them along the ledges of your home.

These landing strips are affordable and effective. This physical deterrent won’t do any harm to the pigeons.

One great way to prevent pigeons from invading your home is to create a barrier. That barrier creation is called exclusion. Your goal will be to exclude pigeons from your home using a wire mesh.

To exclude pigeons from your home, you will only need to patch holes in your home with a wire mesh.

Using sprays to prevent pigeons from invading your home should be your last option. This is because these sprays contain chemicals that, although non-toxic, can be harmful to pigeons.

Also, applying pigeon prevention sprays on the ledges of your home will make you need to constantly reapply them. There is also a risk that the pigeons could get glued to places where you have applied pigeon prevention spray.

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Pigeon Prevention Tips: How to Keep Pigeons Away