Pigeon Trapping: How To Trap a Pigeon

Buy a Trap First
If you have a pigeon problem at your property, the first step to get rid of them is to buy a pigeon trap. There are various pigeon traps you can buy today, but most of them are large cages which have one entry.

Setting the Pigeon Trap
Once you have bought a pigeon trap, you will obviously need to place it. You will want to place the pigeon trap in places where you have a pigeon problem going on. You will also need to wire the doors of your pigeon trap open for few days, placing bait in it, and accommodating pigeons to the trap. Once pigeons get used to your pigeon trap, you can catch them for real.

What to do with Pigeons you Trapped?
Many people who catch pigeons in their pigeon traps ask themselves what to do with the pigeons. Well, you can relocate the pigeons you have caught, but you need to know that these pigeons may come back again. However, this is only the case with pigeons which roosted for a long time at your property. This is why it is important to get rid of pigeons as soon as possible.

Because pigeons can come back to your property once you release them, it is also better to prevent them from invading your property first place. And besides releasing pigeons, you can actually keep them and tame them. These animals are highly intelligent and you can tame them quickly.

Live Traps
If you just recently found out that you have a pigeon infestation problem, the best way to get rid of those pigeons is to use live pigeon traps. Keep in mind that you must get your pigeons used to the live pigeon trap because these animals aren’t naïve. So, you should keep the doors of your live pigeon trap open for a few days and place bait every day in it until the pigeons get used to it.

Once pigeons get used to the live trap and mark it as a secure place, that is the time you can take action and trap pigeons. The best pigeon bait is seeds.

Mice Glue Trap
Did you know that you can also get rid of pigeons by trapping them using mice glue? That’s right - mice glue can be used to trap other animals.

To effectively trap pigeons using mice glue, you will first have to dilute the mice glue because it has a strong smell and because it may hurt the pigeon. After diluting the mice glue, put some bait near the place where you want to catch the pigeons and put your mice glue trap near that place. Pigeons will start coming to the place you put seeds at, but they will glue to the area. Now, you must act rapidly when pigeons get trapped in your glue trap as they could die quickly. We recommend to put pigeons in a cage and release them far away from your home.

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Pigeon Trapping: How To Trap a Pigeon