How to get Opossum out of your attic

Opossum in the Attic
Opossums invading attics is a common thing in many American households and it is a very complex case. This frequently involves an adult female opossum with opossum young. The opossum litter clings to their mother opossum. However, baby opossums drop off as they grow so it is usual to see opossum young roaming around in the attic. Roaming baby opossums usually get stuck inside wall cavities where they may die and cause an odor problem.

In this article, we will explore how to get both opossum mom and her babies out of your attic.

Steps to Get Opossums out of Your Attic
Step 1:

Inspect your home. Find if there are any entry holes through which an opossum can get through and invade your home. These holes are usually quite large and obvious.

Step 2:

Enter your attic. Carefully inspect it and look out for the adult female opossum. In case you find the adult female opossum, catch her with the help of a snare pole.

Step 3:

Cage the female opossum. Now that you caught the female opossum, search the rest of your attic for baby opossums. You must be careful as you don’t want to scare baby opossums. When you find baby opossums in your attic, remove them by hand and put them in a pillow case.

Step 4:

If it happens that you weren’t able to find any opossum in your attic, then you should set a live opossum trap in the attic. Opossums are not that intelligent and they are easily caught in a trap.

Step 5:

Once you successfully remove all opossums from your attic either manually or with the help of traps, you should repair the entry holes to your attic with pro-grade repairs.

Step 6:

When you make sure that all opossums are out of your attic, only then you can start cleaning your attic. The most important thing you should get rid of after an opossum is opossum feces.

When you clean your attic from opossum feces, spray the whole attic with an enzyme cleaner.

Using Traps
Catching an opossum in a trap is the best way to get them out of your attic. There is a wide range of cages and traps for these animals. However, these cages and traps need to be large enough so an opossum can fully enter them and get trapped.

Now, you may ask what bait you can use to catch an opossum. Well, you can use pretty much any bait since opossums are animals that eat everything that they find eatable and attractive. The placement of your trap is also important. This means that you should carefully observe the opossum routes they use. We warmly recommend you to use a live opossum trap since leg hold traps and kill traps are inhumane and immoral.

Repellants - Do they Work?
There is a wide range of the so-called opossum repellants you can find at your local grocery store. However, almost none of these repellants are effective.

Only ammonia and moth balls are somehow effective in getting rid of opossums from your attic so opt for these two opossum repellants.

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How to get Opossum out of your attic