How to Get Rid Of Opossum without Killing Them

Do you have issues with opossum and wondering how to get rid of them without killing them? Have you been searching for the best way to make opossum go away from your property without harming them or making suffer? In case these are what you want, there is no need to worry anymore as this post is concentrated on how to get rid of opossum without killing them in the process. The truth is that most opossum removal methods involved killing the animal to get permanent solution, but through the content of this post you will be sure of getting rid of the animal without killing them in the process.

Go for cage trap to get rid of opossum without killing them

Opossum is among the wild animals notorious for their ability to cause serious of damages to things around. They can destroy things in the attic, scatter trash bins and make everywhere dirty with their droppings. The worse of all is that they can even infect human and pest with disease that is why you should think of getting rid of them. You can catch them with cage trap to relocate to another place easily without harming them.

Close Your Trash Can

Make sure that your trash can is tightly fitted and cover the cove well in order to discourage opossum from feeding on things there. When they move around your place without finding dirty things to feed on or your trash can to scatter they will definitely go away to other place. That is another effective way of removing them from your property without even harming them.

Use a High Frequency Radio to Keep Opossum Away

Opossum will go away from your property when they start feeling disturbance from the noise emanating from radio. Make sure that you place the radio in a hidden place increasing the volume with time and you will definitely scare the opossum away from your property. They will feel presence of human being around the place you placed the radio and they will quickly move away unharmed to another location.

Use Repellent to Repel Possum

Apart from making use of deterrent to deter opossum away from your property, you can also get rid of them using some common repellents. Ensure that you buy the repellent made specifically for opossum and you will be surprised how they will move away from your property without being killed.

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How to Get Rid Of Opossum without Killing Them