Opossum Prevention Tips: How to Keep Opossums Away

Source of Diseases and Danger

Naturally, everyone’s property is filled with a wide range of insects and pests that can easily be eliminated. Luckily, most of these insects and pests one can find in its garden aren’t dangerous and you can easily kill them.

However, certain pests are hard to catch and they can be dangerous for one’s health. Such animals which are hard to catch and which pose a threat to health are opossums. If you have opossums in your garden or in your home and you are afraid that they may ruin your health, continue reading this article as we will provide you with some useful tips on opossum prevention.

Prevention is Important

When there is risk for the appearance of opossums around your property, we recommend you to think about some preventive measures. Prevention is always better than getting rid of opossums once they invade your property.

Getting Rid of Opossums

Now, let’s learn Opossum Prevention Tips: How to Keep Opossums Away in your beloved yard efficiently:

• Opossum-proofing the Territory

What does this important step include? Well, it includes eliminating fallen trees, deep leaf litter, unused cars, unused equipment, and other types of unnecessary debris.

It is also essential to keep your grass short and to trim bushes as well. Also, make sure that you have trimmed tree branches hanging over your home. More on, you should also cover all areas accessible to raccoons such as areas under your porch, outbuildings, and sheds.

• Get Rid of Shelters

You are also advised to rake up every brush pile you can find around your property. This is one of the easiest ways of how to get rid of the dangerous raccoons in your yard.

If you have wood piles, you should keep them in a tight shelter or in a shed.

Proper Fencing

What do you think how opossums invade someone’s property? Well, the clear answer is that they jump over fences or they dig under them and invade one’s property.

To prevent this from happening to you, we warmly recommend you to install an electric fence or to install a wire fence. Also, consider installing a fence that is at least 4 feet tall. If you want to install an electric fence, the height of that fence should be 4 inches over the top.

Eliminate Open Spaces

Don’t only check your yard for opossums, but also check your home. A hole or crack in your home that may be inviting to opossum should be covered with a metal mesh.

Opossum Repellents

The best opossum repellents include:

• Mothballs

• Ammonia

• Scat and D-Ter

Mothballs should be placed all around your garden. They are a highly effective solution for keeping varmint opossums away from your home. D-Ter and Scat are powders that are diluted in water. When mixed, these powders make a spray which you can spray over your garden and on the plants in your garden. The smell of this spray will chase away all opossums on your property.

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Opossum Prevention Tips: How to Keep Opossums Away