Raccoon Prevention Tips: How to Keep Raccoons Away

Raccoons on Your Property

Many Americans who live in areas where raccoons are present at are afraid that one day raccoons may invade their household. And that fear is reasonable since raccoons can cause a lot of damage to a household.

Raccoons are known for having no selection in what they eat and that they are ready to eat everything they find eatable. So, if a hungry raccoon appears in the vicinity of your home, it may open your trash cans and search for food remains. Hungry raccoons also devastate people’s gardens by nibbling of garden plants. However, if you want raccoons to stay away from your home, there are a few raccoon prevention tips we will give you now that may help you.

Fences can’t help you a lot in protecting your household from raccoons. We say this because raccoons are known for their great climbing abilities. This means that even if you would build a huge wall fence around your household, a raccoon would somehow manage to climb it or dig underneath it.

However, you can outsmart raccoons. When building a fence, consider burying your fence just a little bit underground, and also consider adding a roof to your fence. This will make it impossible for raccoons to invade your household.

Home Repairs
You most probably don’t want raccoons in your home. If so, the best way to stop them from getting inside your home is to make sure that raccoon can’t find a way to enter your home by closing all entries.

This means that you should seal up any hole that leads into your home, no matter what the size of that hole is. Before doing this, be sure to check out is there a raccoon present in your home as you wouldn’t want to trap a raccoon inside it. Consider sealing the holes in your home with a 16-gauge mesh.

Natural Remedies and Repellents
Today, you can find a wide range of the so-called raccoon repellents on the Internet. These raccoon repellents include chemicals and natural remedies. Some wildlife experts will tell you that none of these raccoon repellents work and that they are a waste of both your money and time.

If you opt for purchasing a raccoon repellent, consider purchasing a natural remedy such as predator urine.

Secure Your Trash Cans
The first thing raccoons will do once they arrive at your household is destroying your trash cans. They will open your trash cans and take all the trash from it in the search for food.

If you don’t want to witness to trash being all over your garden and backyard, consider securing your trash cans and making them difficult for opening for raccoons. The best way to secure your trash cans from opening is to purchase a trash can lock or to buy a trash can whose lid locks in place. You can also put something heavy on your trash can or latch the lid of your trash can with ropes.

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Raccoon Prevention Tips: How to Keep Raccoons Away