Raccoon Removal; Get Rid Of Raccoons From Your Home And Yard

Raccoons are the most annoying rodents, and they are very destructive once they invade your home. They eat almost anything on sight, and they are not afraid of people. The worst thing about them is that they are a bit intelligent and very persistent. They learn how to breach your security very fast, and they keep coming back. They can bite you when they feel threatened and this is dangerous since they carry rabies, parasites and other harmful diseases. It is important that you learn how to keep them away from your home since they can be a long-term nuisance. Getting rid of raccoons from your home and yard requires that you take a few repeated measures that ward them off your home.

1. Secure your garbage bins
Raccoons are attracted to the contents of your garbage bin since you may have some leftover food and snacks in there. If your garbage bin is out in the open where they can reach it easily, make sure that the lid is always tightly secured. You can do it with rope, or you get a garbage bin with a tight lid. Spray a small amount of ammonia around your trash cans to keep them from digging into it. They do not like the strong smell, so they will stay away from it.

2. Install motion sensor activated lights on your yard
To keep raccoons off your yard at night, you can install bright lights that are triggered by movement on your yard. Raccoons do not like bright lights, so they will be discouraged from coming to your yard.

3. Place a waterproof battery operated radio in your yard
Raccoons are not fond of humans, and they avoid them whenever possible. You can create an impression of talking voices by placing a battery-operated radio with waterproof wrapping on your yard. The voices will keep off raccoons from your yard at night and during the day.

4. Set up raccoon traps near your trashcans and around your yard when nobody is at home
You can get these traps installed by animal control professional and once you capture the raccoons relocate them as far from human residential areas as possible.

5. Remove pet food from your yard
Your pet food can attract raccoons in large numbers. Make sure that you do not leave pet food outside the house or on the yard and remove any source of water as well. Make sure that you train your pets to feed from a secluded area that the raccoons cannot access and do not encourage your pets to drag food all over your yard.

6. Use raccoon repellent spray
Animal control stores have a raccoon repellent spray that you can use around your yard and around your home to keep them away. Some repellent is made using wolf urine, and it has proven to be very effective. You should call an animal control department in your area if there are many raccoons in your area since once they gang up on you, it will be difficult for you to get rid of them. They become braver with numbers, and the destruction is worse when they are many.

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Raccoon Removal; Get Rid Of Raccoons From Your Home And Yard