Why Are Raccoons Scared Of

Raccoons are small ring-tailed animal known for their grayish black fur, black patches around the eyes. Though, carnivorous in nature, yet usually select food base on the environment. Raccoons are also wild animal with long claws, nimble fingers and sharp teeth they used for tearing flesh and eating other kind of foods. Another thing you need to know about raccoons is that they are able to handle things with their nimble palms, which made it easy for them to even lock trash cans, chicken coops and others. While this animal species looks gentle, harmless and beautiful, they are sometime frightening mostly when infected with some dangerous diseases like rabies and others. So, this post is designed to provide you information on why raccoons are scared of most times.

Raccoons Can Attack Human Beings and Pets through Bite
Though raccoons are beautiful and gentle wild nocturnal wild animals, they have tendency to cause harm to human and pets alike. This animal naturally has sharp teeth, which it can use as weapon against human and pets. For that reason, the tendency of administering bite to human and pets is among the reasons why they are sometime frightening to human.

Raccoons Can Tear Up Chicken Coops to Gain Access to Eggs and Chicken
You should never allow raccoons to pay you visit or stay around as friendly animal when you have chicken coop in your backyards. They reason for this is that the animal so much likes chicken and eggs and can even do anything possible to gain access to your chicken thereby causing serious damages and shortage to you at the end of the day.

Raccoons can Transfer Disease to Pets and Human
Another popular reason why raccoons are scared of is that they can easily transfer disease to human through bites. Their body is known to carry different kinds of bacteria that can cause serious disease to human. Also, raccoons have the tendency to infect human and other animals with rabies through bite. So, it is among the wild animals you need not to come close to.

Raccoons can Cause Serious Damages to Human
Raccoons, in a bid to find food in your garbage cans and other waste bins can scatter the entire place with dirt. They can even eat sup the pet foods and even fight bite the pet that try to challenge them. These and more are the reasons why raccoons are frightening to human.

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Why Are Raccoons Scared Of