How to get Raccoon out of your attic

Problems in the Attic

Do you know what the favorite place of raccoons located in your home is? Well, the answer is your attic. Raccoons love hiding in the attic and no one knows why. Raccoons also love making damage in your attic.

However, if you are tired of raccoons that are hiding in your attic and want to get rid of them, we will help you achieve your goal. How? Well, just continue reading this text and we will provide you with a few steps how to get raccoons out of attic. Raccoons also love to keep their babies raccoons in attic.

Step One

Go in your attic and remove the litter of cute baby raccoons by taking them by their hands while wearing gloves. Most of the time, there will be at least 3 baby raccoons. If you don’t find baby raccoons in your attic, wait for a couple of minutes until you hear their chatter.

After you take baby raccoons by their hands, put them gently in a pillow case. Also, beware of the mom raccoon while doing this as she may attack you.

Step Two

Catch the mommy raccoon. You have several options for this. The best way to catch momma raccoon is to mount a trap on the entry of your attic. Once you have placed the trap, scare the female raccoon and make her enter the trap.

However, if mother raccoon starts defending her babies, you should grab her immediately with a snare pole and put her in a cage. Lastly, if you catch the raccoon babies but can’t find momma raccoon, you can use her pups as bait.

Step Three

Once all the raccoons are caught and caged, you should seal the entry point shut immediately so in the future raccoons wouldn’t be able to enter your attic anymore. If you don't close entry point to your attic, new raccoons and other animals will move into your attic soon. The raccoons that lived in your attic gave it an odor that may attract new animals quickly.

Also, once you got rid of raccoons in your attic, consider cleaning up the mess raccoons have left in your attic.

What Damage Does a Raccoon Cause in Someone’s Attic?

Raccoons can cause a lot of damage when they inhabit your attic. These mammals find bedding material by shredding wall paper or by shredding roof.

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How to get Raccoon out of your attic