How To Trap Rats Successfully - Rat Trapping

Getting rid of rats from your home permanently requires a high level of patience and skill. Rats can live in your home, under your deck, in your attic and in many small dark contours of your house, hence making them very difficult to get rid of. They cause destruction by chewing on anything on their path including tor clothes, important papers, chunks of your walls and floor boards and your food. Rats breed very quickly hence proving to be a real problem, and this is dangerous since they have been proven to spread over thirty different diseases through their poop. Setting up traps in strategic points of your home or office can help you to get rid of rats in a short time. Here is guidance and tips that will help you to trap rats and get rid of them.

1. Use snap traps to catch rats
Snap traps have proven to be the most effective when it comes to catching rats. This is because you can place them on different rat trails including complex corners and thin passages, and they catch rats effectively. It is advisable that you use full size mousetraps that are strong enough to break your finger with a light tension trigger so that you are likely to catch a rat on its trail. Use many traps around the area that is infested and empty the trap as frequently as possible.

2. Cage traps
Cage traps are recommendable for big rats that can avoid snap traps. You can use cage traps in the yard or in your home if you do not want stinky dead rats. The trick with cage traps is setting them up properly. Make sure you use the right size of a cage so that the trap is effective. If you use a cage that is the oversize, the rat will not trigger it shut, and if it is under size, the rat will free itself from it since only a section of it will be in the cage.

3. Glue board traps
Glue board traps are effective if used correctly. Most of the times they are used together with other traps such as snap traps since they are not effective while catching big rats. They are better for use in your attic or store where rats may have recently reproduced. Once you catch the big ones, they are excellent for trapping the baby rats. Make sure you replace the glue on the board frequently to make it sticky enough.

4. Increase trap success by placing traps strategically
Most people think that once you put a piece of cheese or peanut butter as bait then you are home free. The bait used is not as important as where the trap is positioned. Rats are notorious for sticking in ne trail for a long time. Look for those rats -trails and place the traps there and you are sure to be successful. You can find a rat trails by looking for loopholes in your ventilation or insulation. Look out for fur trail or droppings and follow the path. Some rats leave a brown trail of grease stains or urine hence making the east to trace. Once you catch any rats, empty the trap, replace the bait, and position it strategically for a new rat.

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How To Trap Rats Successfully - Rat Trapping