Rat Prevention Tips: How to Keep Rats Away

Rats are social animals known for their infamous, and hard to exterminate among other rodents. Their infestation can really cause serious troubles including damages the house as well as transmission of bacteria and virus disease. Since you will not like your valuable documents and other important things to be eaten up by rat nor catching disease caused by rat, the best thing is to follow the trapping tip provided here to completely exterminate the animal completely.

Some Rat Trap Types You Should Know
If you search the hardware store near you, you will definitely find several kinds of rat traps which can even make it difficult for you to know the one to select. But, your condition and nature of your environment will determine the right type of rat trap to use. It is true that humane traps are mostly recommended for wild animal trapping but the case of rats seems to be different as lethal traps are mostly recommended for them. The reason is to ensure that you exterminate the rat through kill and removal using trapping method. The traps used to kill rats are really popular in the market and will not even find it difficult to find one suitable to your condition. Some rat traps you can easily find in the market are: Glue trap, snap trap, poison trap and even cage trap.

Right Foods to Use as Bait
Rats like eating everything thing that comes on their ways but they are mostly attracted to fish. So, you can easily lure rat into your trap using fish, crayfish, or anything that smells like fish. You can also, use bread or even leftover foods to bait your trap in order to ensure that the rat is attracted to your trap.

Rat Trapping Methods
Without taken time to close down other avenue through which rats enter your home or property, setting trap for them may be pointless. The reason is that why your trap continues to catch them they will continue to increase in number. That is why the first thing you should do is to find their entry holes and close them up. Then, you can go ahead and position the trap on the hole where the rats follow to enter your property.

How to Removed Trapped Rats
You will have high chance of catching rat with your trap when you set the trap fish smelling bait. Also, make sure that the area where you set the trap is undisturbed so they will feel free to move around and get into the trap. If you succeed in catching the rats, the next thing you need to do is to remove and dispose the carcass properly according to the legislation of your place. Ensure you do not dispose it were the smell can disturb people as that can result to serious trouble.

What to Do After Removing Trapped Rat
When you have removed the rat disposed the carcass properly, the next thing to do is to ensure you cover up the entry points and repair anything damaged by the rat.

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Rat Prevention Tips: How to Keep Rats Away