How To Get Rats Out of The Attic

There is something rats are notable for which is the fact that the more they are being left around in a place, the more they will increase in numbers and cause lots of damage. This is the primary reason why you have to ensure that they are gotten rid of in every area of your home. One area that you should always pay attention to around the home is the attic.

Are you struggling to find the best possible strategies which can help you get rid of rats in your attic? Do you know that this isn’t difficult with the right techniques in place? There is no need searching any further as this post will be having you exposed to some of these techniques. You will be amazed at their outstanding effects once you can adopt them from today.

Proper Garden Maintenance
If you are too busy to maintain your garden and make it neat, then be ready to battle with rats in the attic. What most people don’t understand is that each time they pay less attention to those leaves around, they are making the place very inviting for rats. Be sure that there are no leaves piling up around your garden. Rats love places that are dirty and they can easily find shelter in such locations so it is very important that you keep your garden clean because once they are there, you can always bet that they aren’t far away from your attic. Another thing that you may want to do with regards to cleaning is ensuring that your waste bin is always empty. Whenever you do this, you are cutting off their source of food supply.

Seal Openings
You have to look around the attic to ensure that there are no openings which these creatures are likely to take advantage of. It could be broken doors or holes. Just ensure to seal them with materials that are solid. If it’s a broken door then you may want to have it fixed as soon as possible. If you have to change the entire door then do it because if the wood isn’t sturdy enough then they can bite it gradually with their teeth until there is an opening.

Use Traps
The only problem with this method is the fact that you may need to have a carefully though-out plan to catch them. One of such plans is to know where the rats actually gather in the attic. This will help you not to waste your time putting traps in places where they hardly visit.

Why to Get Rid of Rats?
If you wonder why you should get rid of rats, the answer to that question - you should get rid of these varmint animals because they spread various serious diseases. That is the main reason to get rid of rats if you have them in your attic.

Another reason why most people who have a rat problem in their attic decide to get rid of rats is hearing strange noises at night. Rats are pretty loud animals and the sounds they make are quite irritating. And probably the second most important reason to get rid of these varmints is the damage they can make. However, getting rid of these pests isn’t easy at all. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of rats yourself.

Getting Rid of Rats Yourself
You can get rid of rats yourself, but we warn you, getting rid of yourself isn’t easy and you should be careful. However, if you still want to get rid of rats by yourself, continue on with reading.

Step 1 - Finding Out Where the Rats Come From
The most crucial step to get rid of rats in your attic is finding out how in the world they got inside your house/building. There is a way how those nasty rats are entering your home or building and your job is to find out how.

You should be aware that you will never get rid of rats if you don’t find all entry points they get through. If you miss only one entry point, you will be having problems with rat infestation for a long time. So, to find rat entry points, you should explore the whole structure, from its bottom to top.

Step 2 - Sealing Up All Entry Points
After you found out all rat entry holes, you should seal those entry points as soon as possible. That’s right - you don’t get rid of rats first, but you first seal up their entry points. However, when you lock in all the rats in your attic, you will catch them easier.

Step 3 - Trapping and Removing the Rats
When it comes to trapping and removing the rats, you have three options for that. First option is to use lethal snap traps. However, since this way of trapping and getting rid of rats is inhumane, you can try a second option which is using live cage traps. And the third option to consider is installing a one-way funnel door exit on the main entry hole.

Although it is inhumane to kill any animal, when it comes to rats, we can say that you shouldn’t feel bad for using lethal traps on rats because these animals breed quickly.

Step 4 - Cleaning Up after Rats
Once you make sure that you got rid of all rats in your attic, you should decontaminate and deodorize your attic.

It is a must to decontaminate your attic because rat urine contains special pheromones that attract other rats to your attic.

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