Methods of Keeping rats away

Rats are a threat to the human surroundings as they bring with them diseases, they can contaminate your food, soil the house with their droppings, and they are generally dirty. Hence keeping them away from your house and yard, a person needs to deny them of what they usually require the most, which is food and shelter. Below are areas and things one should follow to prevent these rodents:

• Keep your Compound clean.
It is essential to trim bushes and shrubs so that they remain raised from the ground, the danger in letting them to go too low is that rats can hide in them. To prevent the rodents from entering your home, cut long branches that are near the house, since the rodents will use there as avenues to enter the house. Furthermore, in a situation that a person does use firewood, do build a structure that is high enough from the ground, as such an area is prospective for nesting of Rats. It is recommended that garbage, junk materials, and weeds be removed as such places do provide their hiding place. Dog droppings should be collected as they attract rodents. Importantly also, prevent composing animal products such as meat, fish, cheese and chicken.

• Storage of Pet food
Pet food is usually a delicacy for Rats. It is advisable that pets' food should be on feeding plates, whereby after they are through feeding, one can collect food that they may have poured down and clean up the area. For effective storage of pet food, keep them in metal containers that have tight lids. Seed and birdhouses should be in poles and trays where the rats cannot get.

• Cover your Trash
It is essential to keep garbage in garbage cans made of metal and can be tightly sealed with their lids. There are instances where some people have trash cans made of plastic. If this is the case, one can ensure that the trash cans do not have holes and are not easily toppled by other household pets.

• Pick fruits that fall
As much as they add aesthetic value to the compound, fruit trees are extremely inviting for Rats. To prevent them, collect all fruits falling from the trees.

• Clean up of the neighborhood
Neighbors are advised to come together and organize cleanup exercises of their neighborhood as this prevents re-infestation of the rodent in the area. In some instances, fumigation may be applied by consulting licensed pest controllers in your area.

• Close open holes
Rats can enter your house through tiny holes, and thus, cementing around pipes and electric cables are advisable. Make sure to close the doors at all times and ensure that you cover the ventilation and windows at all times using nets, to prevent their entry.

• Keep sewer pipes clean
When doing dishes, never throw the grease down the drain, since this will attract them there. Furthermore, have the kitchen sink rinsed properly once or twice a month. It is imperative to keep the toilet seat down when the toilet is not in use.

It is humans that make rats easily inhabit their surroundings, and hence the need to observe comprehensible precautionary measures.

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Methods of Keeping rats away