How to Get Rid Of Rats without Killing Them

While there are so many ways to kill rats, most people are rather looking for the ways to get rid of rats without killing or even harming them. The reason is that not everyone can withstand watching an animal struggle and die in their presence. Some rather prefer some humane but effective way to handle rats than inhumane ways that can make them to struggle and die or get seriously injured. If that is also what you are looking for, no need to bother further as you will easily get that through the content of this post.

Clean Up Your Homes and Rats Will Go Away

Home cleaning remains the best and most effective way to keep most wild animals away and the case is same with rats. If you have family of rats disturbing your home, it can because you do not keep your home clean making the animal to always find your home attractive since they always find what to eat there. So, the first way to get rid of rats in your house without killing them is to keep your home clean clear the grasses around, remove leftover foods around and in the kitchen and they animals will definitely go away when they could not find foods around.

Repel Them with Some Smell

Rats do not naturally like some smell around them and can easily move away completely from a place with such smell. But, you should make sure that you find the smell that is really offensive to them and not the one that will make them to even increase in their number. Go for peppermint oil spray an you will likely get the solution you are looking for.

Make Use of Electronic Repellent

There are some electronic machines build for the purpose of getting rid of rodent like rats and others. Some of the machines are the Rid-Tech Ultrasound Pest Repeller known to be highly effective in making rats go away completely from a place. The sound of this electronic repellent can only make them feel uncomfortable and go away and will not kill them in the process.

Use None Lethal Trap

You can also get rid of rats without killing them with the help of none lethal trap. These kind of trap comes in several forms. It can be in form of bottle, bucket or even cage. Put enough water in a bucket and place stick at the top to the middle. The rat will climb to cross over and end up fallen inside the water.

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How to Get Rid Of Rats without Killing Them