Why Are So Many Rats in NYC?

New York City is one of the places in the world with highest population of rats. Most people are frequently asking why so many rats in this part of the developed world. Even with high human activities in NYC rats still prefer living in the city than in most other less business place. In general rats prefer to live in manmade homes rather than in the wild where they naturally belong. The reason is not farfetched and you will definitely get convincing reason through this post.

Too much food sources
Rats just like every other wild animal usually prefer to live in places with high availability of food sources. They prefer staying in the homes with leftover foods and other food items around where they can feed as many times as they want. So, since due to high human activity in NYC which usually result to scattering of food leftover around, there are high rat population coming into NYC in order to feed more on the plenty available foods around the city.

Prohibition of rat kill
Different states in the United States have different laws guiding wild animal control and removals. In some states rats is among the protected species while in other it is not. So, since they are not allowed to be killed anyhow in NYC it has made them to increase is number. No one is killing them and they have been reproducing young ones. That is the major reason why you can find more rats in NYC than in any other parts of the United States. Those In NYC know how difficult it is to deal with rat infestation and issues due to high population of rat there.

Homeowners not ready to invest in rat removal
Majority of homeowners in NYC think they do not have time to start dealing with rat infestation and there have indirectly encouraging increase in population of rat in the city. So, to solve the problem, people will begin to invest into rat removal in the city of New York just like in other cities within the United States of America.

Lack of experience by homeowners
Another reason why there are more population of rats in nyc is that most people do not have enough experience in rat removal and control. That has made rat to have enough opportunity to continue increasing in number from time to time. To reduce rat population in NYC people need to be sensitize about rat control.

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Why Are So Many Rats in NYC?