Do rats attack human neck?

Rats are biters with high tendency to cause damages anywhere they find themselves. They can easily eat up the wire in the attic, eat the woods around and even bite you while you asleep. This animals do not decide the part of the body where they bite when they want to bite human as they normally bite any part of the body to get to close to them while they are moving around in search of food in the night. So, on whether rats normally attack human necks or not, they do not necessarily prefer biting the neck but can only bite you on the neck if that is the part that get close to them or where the find sometime attractive.

Attack the rats before they can attack you
Whether you like it or not, rats will definitely attack you when you allow them to come around your dwelling. If you happen to allow rats to share your home they will one day bite you to the extent that you will need huge amount of money to get treated. So, in order to avoid getting bitten by rats, you should try as much as possible to attack them before they can attack you.

Try as much as possible to rid your home of rats using humane method
There are so many ways to kill a rat but not all ways are easy. So, you should try to use most effective way to kill rats that have been disturbing you and damaging your property, you should make sure that you get rid of them. You can use humane trap to catch and removes rats from your property. Use cage trap to catch and relocate the rat to another place to avoid repeat problem.

Make use of glue trap to rid your home of rats
You can even make use of glue trap to rid your home of rats and make sure that they do not return back. The glue trap will catch the rat and while the rats try to free itself from the glue it will continue to entangle itself on the gum till it will die.

Kill rats with poison
You can also kill the rat with poison to make sure that problem does not repeat itself. But you must make sure that you do not allow rat poison to get to your pets and children to avoid getting them into more risk.

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Do rats attack human neck?