Do rats bite human in their sleep?

Rats are always busy causing serious damages and harm to their victims at all time. They do not only chew on inanimate objects around them but everything they find around at any time. Also, they usually bite even human while they are asleep and do not choose a place to bite. They are always seen biting any part that gets to them while they are around. That means if your leg, arm, hand and other part of your body is within their reach while you are asleep, they will make sure that they bite you anywhere without bothering how you will feel about it.

Why rats bite human while asleep
Rats do not always intentionally bite people while asleep as they mostly bite when they are looking for things around to sharpen their teeth and keep the growth in control. Some times when they lick human body and get the salt taste they will continue to lick the part of the body till their teeth scratch the person. That is why some bites are deep while some are shallow.

What rats normally do after biting their victim at night?
In a bid to ensure you do not wakeup from sleep while being bitten by rats, most rats are known to blow breeze on the part of the body bitten. The breeze is to make you feel no pain while they continue to eat up the part of the body. They mostly use this technique while eating the palms and the under foots where the victim will not feel the pain much. For that reasons, if you wake up in the morning you will only find the scratching on your legs or hand made by the rats with teeth.

How to avoid rat biting you while asleep
While rats normally bit human while asleep in a bid to sharpen their teeth, there are times when they normally bite for being offended. They n bite you when they feel that a particular part of your body is blocking the way. You can avoid being bitten by rat when you completely get rid of the rat if not you will always have issues of rat bite.

Ensure rats do not bite you again
If you want to make sure that rats do not bite you again, what you have to do is to always ensure that you wash your hand off after eating and handling things before going to bed. Also, us most effective rat control measure to get rid of rats completely.

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Do rats bite human in their sleep?