Do rats like cold weather?

Rats and other rodents are known to be active round the year without any thing like hibernation. During the cold weather most animals usually go into hibernation but the case is different with rats. Naturally, rats usually live in domestic and wilderness environments. They do not have different lifestyle during the summer and the winter season as opposed to other wild animals. During the cold season rats usually live their normal live but can only change their shelter base on the location. They usually require protection or insulation as well as shelter during the cold season.

How rats feed while hiding away from cold
During the cold season, rats are known to be active living their lives. But, what they usually do is to ensure that they store enough food for them in their dens to ensure that they do not move out to look for food during the harsh winter period. But, when the food they stored has finished they will be forced to move out to find foods rounds.

Why rats usually dwell in human shelter during cold
Most people are thinking of the reason rats normally find human shelter more interesting and attractive than the wild. The main reason for this is that human shelters are normally provided with everything that can help keep the people dwelling in the house warmth. So, during the cold season, rats usually find pleasure in moving into human houses and shelters to ensure that they are provided with the warmth they need.

Rats usually look for hidden place during cold
Also, thinking whether rats like cold weather or not, the answer is that they do not like cold weather. But, the only thing about them is that they usually enjoy active living during the cold season or the hot season. Most time they usually find hidden place where they can enjoy both protection and warmness. For that reason, they are always able to survive both the cold weather and the hot weather.

Rats normally go into burrows during cold
Apart from human shelter, rats normally go into their burrows during the cold season in order to get some warmness and avoid freezing and dying. Most time they normally form family of rats so as to join together and provide themselves with warmness. While inside the burrow, they will be feeding on the foods stored for them inside there but can only come out to look for food notwithstanding the cold weather.

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Do rats like cold weather?