Do Rats die in the winter?

Winter season is the coldest season of the year, which runs in the northern hemisphere from November or December to February or March and in southern hemisphere from June to August. It is the season when most wild animals normally go on hibernation in a way to avoid dying from the harsh cold weather. Most wild animals are not always able to make it round the year due to intensity of cold weather. But the case of rat is different as it is the period when they are always busy going about their business only to ensure proper protection in warmth shelter.

Rats are active in the winter and do not die due to cold
You need not undermine the ability of rats during the winter season as they have the ability to cause great harm. They can cause as much destruction to the things around in the winter the same way they can do in the summer season. In fact during the winter season they tends to chew things round them more than during the summer when they will be away to look for food.

The active nature of rats is not disturbed by cold weather
Cold does disturb rat, but it does not disturb it ability to cause destruction around. That is the reason why you should try not to allow them share a portion of your property whether in the summer or in the winter. Make sure you try as much as possible to get rid of rats far away from your property in the winter so they will not stay in your house and make nest of babies which will increase their tendency to cause harm.

Rats always find a protected shelter during the winter season
If you have part of your house with scattered items and tall grasses it is like that rats can make your home a dwelling place mostly during the winter season. They will come around your place to take shelter and protection on the rubbish and scattered things around.

Rats and the winter cold
Rats have fur and skins that can enable it survive cold more than most other wild animals around. They can move around in the winter and even hid under the snow without dying. But, their ability to move around in the cold has a limit they will not be able to exceed. If they happen to pass certain level they will end up dead. That is why they usually look for protection and warmth shelter during winter.

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