Do rats dream?

The question whether rat does dream or not has become popular on the internet nowadays as majority of people are of opinion that rat does dream while some are saying it does not. But, before you can take side on this question, do you ever dream? Have you ever plan to visit a place only to fall asleep and see yourself already in the place you have planned to visit. If your answer is yes then, you should know that the same is applicable to rat. It likely that rat does dream following their behavior while asleep mostly when they sleep after tying to grab a particular attractive food.

The prove that rat does dream
Just like human beings, rats are known to store their mental maps of the things happening in the world and around them in hippocampic. These are two structures located in either side of their brain. So, it has been discovered that rat brain usually record several places they have been. This was discovered by putting electrodes in rat’s brain as they move around to explore the environment. The things recorded are remembered by rat in diverse hippocampal neurons combinations firing together.

Why it is believed that rat usually dream
The hippocampic also known as place cell of the rat, usually fire both when the rats are in a particular location and also when they fall asleep. Also, the thing normally fire if the rat is dreaming about the places it has been in the time past. These are enough prove to show you that rats do dream while asleep just the same way human beings do.

What the activity of rat in dream usually reflect about the future
The activity of rat in the dream usually reflects where it wants to go or when it is thinking of going. That means if you can read and interpret rat dream, you will be able to know the next place it will go when it wake from sleep. You will be able to find out the possible place the rat is thinking of going to through the dream. But, the issue is even to know the dream.

Rat dreaming during the day
Rats are good dozers and they usually sleep deeply each time they want to sleep. That is the reason why they usually even dream at any time both in the day and in the night. Once rat fall asleep the brain will being to fire the event it has stored making it to dream about them.

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Do rats dream?