How to find and remove a dead animal from your house

A Disgusting Work
Dead animal odor control and the removal of a dead animal isn’t an easy job to do. Any wildlife remover can confirm you that removing a dead wild animal is disgusting and it takes skill and knowledge.

And do you know why wildlife professionals are contacted every day to remove a wild animal somewhere in the United States? It is because people actually forget they’ve set wild animal traps. The moment people remember they have set traps is when the animal their trap caught starts to rot and spread an awful smell. This is why people who set wild animal traps should check out their trap often and release the animal when the trap catches it.

It’s a Physically Demanding Work
The removal of a dead wild animal can be physically demanding work to do. Homes all across the United States as well as buildings are full of crannies and nooks that give an opportunity to wild animals to hide there, roam, mate, and eventually die in such places.

Some wild animals are even insidious and they will make not make a sound to acknowledge they are in your attic or under your porch. Such wild animals only acknowledge their presence when they die and start to spread an awful smell.

Problems Dead Wild Animals Can Cause
Removing a wild dead animal from your home or attic is important because keeping a dead animal in your home can cause a lot of problems, such as:

• The odor of a nuisance wild animal can become putrid and can last for months and months.
• Wild dead animals in your home can make your home turn into a meeting point of flies, moths, beetles, and other insects.
• Parasites which once lived on the skin of your dead animals will start looking for a new host. That host can become you or your pet.
• Animals which died inside your walls can cause staining of your walls.
Removing wild dead animals from crawl spaces, ceilings, and walls is extremely risky and it isn’t recommended to be done by homeowners who have a dead animal in their home. Besides removing a dead animal is risky in a physical way, it is also a major health risk. Even if you decide to remove a dead animal yourself, never touch it with your bare hands!

Finding and Removing Dead Animals
The hardest part of removing a dead wild animal is finding the dead animal. To find out where your dead animal may be hiding, you should understand that animal’s biology and its behavior.

However, you actually won’t need to study the dead animal’s biology because you can easily find out where it is hiding thanks to the awful smell. If you sense a foul smell and it doesn’t come from your attic, then the dead animal is most likely under your home.

Dead Animal Cleanup and Odor Control
Once you find a dead animal, put on a safety suit and safety gloves and remove it. The best way to get rid of the animal is to bury it somewhere far away from your home.

Now, after removing the dead animal, you should disinfect the area with an enzymatic cleaner.

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How to find and remove a dead animal from your house